viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Felt like sharin' ;)

Tune out.
Lose track
Space out, pace yourself
Second-guess, doubt
You want out?
No way…

Convince yourself
This is life, the real world
No more stories
No time to listen to voices
Time for my own choices!!!

In too deep
Can’t sleep, can’t eat
Not caring anymore,
What do I care?
Won’t listen to you
Won’t pay attention to you
Will live my own life
My own way

Hit my head
With a brick wall
Lost track of things
How did I end up
Like this?
Where did you go?
Can I be angry?
I’m so afraid

Tail between legs
Like a cornered animal
Trying to justify my actions
Hiding from their reactions
Focusing on distractions

Turn around.
Think straight.
Go back.
Fix yourself.
Find yourself.
Find that voice again.
There’s always a way out.

I’m so thankful
For hope
And peace
And dreams
For love
This love
Your love


y para terminar --> una de mis canciones recientes favoritas :)

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