martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Realigned Again

"I rejected my worth,
denied the truth from Whom I am birthed,
became a brick & played my part,
unstable from the start, hardened to the heart—
I can’t hold up this world on my own
even the mortar’s crumbled undone,
and the home I existed in the past—
the placeI thought was built to last—
turns out to be an aching wound
from the way I’ve gained and assumed.

So, Water, fall—let these tears be my call
Lord don’t hold back, take it all,
take it all.
In all relations now and past,
breathe life that’s meant to last
may the consequences of then and now,
heal beneath the salve of Your know-how
and love become the remedy,
the power of God that sets us free
because grace is not wisdom’s fool,
a dying art, a jester’s tool—
it comes as tender to the flame
Spirited passion of the Holy Name.

I have to still and just rest in it,
agree to the places of Your benefit,
and remember the cause to which I claim
leveled the bricks and aligned them again,
to befriend the rich and the poor
so comfort is a luxury no more,
but the constant of kingdom living
and the inspiration of all giving.

We can't hold this up on our own.
Take it all!"

- Kelly Hall

Tomado de The Work of The People. Ver aquí y aquí.

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